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About POLY4

POLY4 is the trademark name for polyhalite products from Sirius Minerals.

Our product is a naturally occurring, low chloride multi-nutrient fertilizer certified for organic use. It includes four of the six key macro nutrients that all plants need to grow: potassium, sulphur, magnesium and calcium, and a range of valuable micro nutrients. 

POLY4 is an efficient and effective fertilizer that allows farmers to maximise their crop yield, quality and soil structure with one simple product.  Our product can be used straight or as a component of a dry blend or complex compound fertilizer. Available in granulated, powdered or standard form, POLY4 is suitable for use on both high-value and broad-acre crops.

OF&G Organic Soil Association Approved

To find out more about POLY4 and its benefits read product handbook.

Manufacturing fertilizers with POLY4.

POLY4 granules versus crushed rock

POLY4 – a game-changing product

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