POLY4 is a more sustainable fertilizer for agriculture

  • It improves soil strength, structure and nutrient legacy.
  • Minimises crop losses through disease.
  • It can reduce agriculture’s impact on the environment by improving fertilizer use efficiency, reducing erosion and nutrient loss.
  • It is certified for organic use and is produced using low environmental impact methods.

The calcium within POLY4 helps to hold soils together more effectively. By increasing a soil’s resilience to compaction, erosion and runoff it allows a plant to access the nutrients it needs to thrive. In addition, POLY4 has the ability to make soil bound nutrients more available to the plant. Routine application of a broad spectrum of nutrients that POLY4 delivers can prevent nutrient mining, a common threat to sustained crop production. Polyhalite is a naturally occurring mineral and as a result POLY4 has a low carbon footprint, offering farmers an effective, yet responsible, fertilizer solution.