Spreader testing

POLY4 is suitable for use in spreaders at typical distances for fertilizer application

Fertilizer is often applied to fields using mechanical spreaders to ensure an even distribution of the required nutrients. Ineffective spreading leads to uneven fertilizer application, resulting in strips of nutrient-deficient crops and a subsequent loss of farmer income.

POLY4 granules were tested using spreading machinery [15] set to a spreading width of 24m and 36m, a typical distance for fertilizer application. Figure 6 shows the results of the spreader testing to be within the 20% tolerance limits, outside which striping manifests within a crop. POLY4’s quality spread pattern reduces the risk of expensive corrective action.

Figure 6: Spreading results of POLY4 granules at 24m and 36m

[15] SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing Ltd. (2013).