Soil pH

POLY4 has no expected effect on soil pH levels

Maintenance of soil pH, within suitable limits, is important for optimum nutrient availability and therefore plant growth (Figure 11). POLY4 has no expected effect on soil pH levels unless there are reducing conditions. For example, when sulphates are reduced to elemental sulphur or in soils with significant aluminium levels that can exchange with the cations and, upon release into the soil solution, enter into chemical reactions that affect pH.

Figure 11: Soil pH effect on nutrient availability [27]
An example data set on the effect of fertilizer application on soil pH is provided in Figure 11 for field crop trials. Across a range of K2O rates, POLY4 is shown to have no effect on soil pH (Figure 12); none of the soil pH values are significantly different from the unfertilized soil.
Figure 12: Soil pH in water post crop trial [28]

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