Crush strength

POLY4 has a crush strength of 5.5kgf

The crush strength of a fertilizer determines its suitability for spreading by agricultural machinery. A crush strength greater than 3kgf is recommended [9] to ensure that the fertilizer will resist stress during transportation and spreading.

POLY4 has a crush strength of 5.5kgf which should be optimal for handling, distribution and field application (Figure 5). This strength means POLY4 is spreadable using a spinner at speeds of up to 900rpm and also via boom spreaders.

Figure 5: Crush strength of POLY4 and other fertilizers [10]

[9] UN Fertilizer Manual. (1998). [10] Current formulations as of July 2015 tested by University of Limerick and Mars Minerals. [11] Ammonium nitrate. [12] Diammonium nitrate. [13] Kieserite. [14] Muriate of potash.